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The cost of auto insurance depends on many individual factors. You may pay more than your neighbor. You may pay less than another person living in your home. Your rate may differ from someone who owns the same vehicle you have. If you feel you are overpaying for car insurance, seek out a new policy that better reflects your needs. READ MORE >>

Children, because they are physically different from adults, might stand a higher chance of injuries or death in the event of a car accident. In 2015, 663 children died as passengers in vehicle accidents.  Parents have an obligation, usually by law, to see to their child’s safety in a vehicle. READ MORE >>

Renters liability insurance is a must before the holiday season. There are plenty of reasons to invest in it. You'll have guests to your home. They could fall and suffer an injury. You may invest in new possessions and high-end valuables that need coverage. And, there are risks in the home. READ MORE >>

If you’re a good driver, you’re likely to reap certain benefits from your auto insurance provider. In fact, the safest drivers stand to benefit the most. Insurers frequently reward their best customers with certain perks. Often, insurers term their best drivers as Preferred Risk drivers. READ MORE >>

You want your children and their friends to enjoy recreational items at your home. This equipment may include pools, trampolines, swing sets, tree houses and other items. However, when your guests use your equipment, they bring risks along with them. Young children may face serious personal injury risks when playing with this equipment. READ MORE >>

Are you thinking about purchasing a new Mustang? Perhaps you have your heart set on a vehicle from the 1930's. No matter the car you choose, consider how much auto insurance will cost for it before you buy. Forbes pulled together a list of the most expensive vehicles to insure for this year. READ MORE >>

Though there’s still time to enjoy the summer, there are things you can do now to shore up your home for the coming months. The way you use your home during the summer can lead to maintenance risks. You might prevent a lot of problems, including insurance risks, by servicing the home’s major systems during late summer. READ MORE >>

Your vehicle's alignment is essential to its performance. A misaligned front end might cause excessive wear on the tires and possibly lead to an accident. If your vehicle's front end is out of alignment, don't panic. It is possible to remedy this issue without busting your budget. READ MORE >>

People often treat life insurance as a set-and-forget chore. They get it over with and move on to the next item on their to-do list. This is understandable because getting life insurance takes a lot of careful thought. This takes time, of which many of us have very little. READ MORE >>

When you hit the road, you face a lot of risks. Most of us know that there’s always a chance we could have a car accident. However, we don’t want the accident to be our fault. Yet, things happen, and sometimes drivers cause accidents. You likely will face an insurance responsibility towards others involved in the wreck. READ MORE >>

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